Released on 22/11/2013
Current version

Easily import and export your NuSphere PhpED settings to allow quick and simple setup on multiple computers.

Portable, providing host computer has .NET framework installed. Simply unzip and run!

Requires .NET framework 4.

NOTE: Not fully compatible with PhpED 13+ as it doesn't handle the new theme files.

Released on 29/04/2010
Current version

Manage your Live for Speed replays easily!

Released on 30/06/2008
Current version

RPG32 has superceded wxRPG replacing wxWidgets with Borland's VCL. It also has an updated, more modern GUI, better randomisation of generated passwords and an auto-copy feature.

Built-in Web Update feature now included.

Released on 07/02/2008
Current version

Unfortunately, Windows never shipped with an MD5 checksum tool. WinMD5 steps up to cure the problem.

Not only can WinMD5 calculate checksum hashes of files, it can also calculate checksum hashes of strings. Useful for developing simple authentication systems where passwords are MD5 hashed for more secure storage.

Released on 10/11/2007
Current version

A simple tool to calculate tyre width and wheel / tyre radius for rFactor tyre (TBC) files.

It takes measurements such as 205/55 15 and converts them into millimetres suitable for rFactor usage.

Released on 03/06/2007
Current version

Surprisingly, LPH (LFS Player Hacker) has become pretty popular! This small tool will allow you to drive around in LFS wearing standard civilian clothes (no crash helmet, just t-shirt & jeans etc).

Note: Uninstall any 1.x.x.x version you have installed before installing the latest version.

Released on 08/03/2007
Current version

rFactor Ignition is a user-friendly interface for defining various conditions in which to launch rFactor. These include a specific mod, spinner / showroom, player & controller profiles, FoV settings and more.

This tool was developed in conjunction with Team Players.

Released on 18/12/2006
Current version

A simple tool written a few years ago that I finally enhanced into something more releasable. It performs a basic task of displaying installed fonts with the ability to edit sample text to give a better representation of how it'll look in practice.

Font size ranges from 8pt to 200pt by default but also editable. Colours for the pen and background of the sample preview window are also definable to aid visualising the final result.

Released on 17/12/2006
Current version

Talent Editor is a simple editor for rFactor's AI talent (.RCD) files. Create and edit these files to adjust various AI performance values on a per-driver basis.

The latest version has been almost completely rewritten with a much enhanced UI, a few bugs fixed, internal code optimisations and 2 new features: Conversion Wizard and Talent Packer.

As more and more conversions appear for rFactor, it was decided to try and make the process as easy and reliable as possible and the conversion wizard will convert talent files from F1C, GTR, GTL and GTR2 into rFactor format.

The Talent Packer gives you the chance to create either a standard Zip archive or a self-executing archive but with a custom front-end closely resembling an average installer with the bonus of still being able to open it with a normal archiver such as 7-Zip.

Note: Uninstall any 1.x.x.x version you have installed before installing the latest version.