LFS Replay Manager

Manage your Live for Speed replays easily!

Filename LFSReplayMgr-
Released on 29/04/2010
Filesize 8.16 MB
MD5 hash 95ef5e6ca112dceb16ff9788b6d3594b
License Freeware
Platforms Windows
OSes XP, Vista, Windows7
Downloads 4,087
  • Added: Office 2007 Look & Feel themes.
  • Added: Remove replay notes toolbar button.
  • Added: LFSWorld IDKey now stored encrypted.
  • Added: Cache system for SPR files.
  • Added: Confirmation before removing replay notes.
  • Added: Date / time to statusbar when WR / PB last updated.
  • Added: '--debug' switch to control debug log writing for speed increase. Debugging disabled by default.
  • Added: Option to rebuild SPR or MPR lists separately.
  • Fixed: Better handling for LFSWorld tarpitting to prevent app locking up.
  • Changed: Grid icons now use transparency properly.
  • Changed: Replaced track pics with layout maps in 'Track Info' window.
  • Changed: Filesizes now use floats instead of integers for more accurate representations.
  • Changed: Updating World Record and Online PB stats no longer rebuilds entire list of replays.
  • Changed: Moved 'Rebuild replay lists' main menu item from 'View' to 'Replay'.
  • Removed: Option to minimise to system tray.
  • Removed: SysTray icon.
  • Minor tweaks.